zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

YouTube is running slow

One of the most popular websites in the world is YouTube. On this video website millions and millions of people are watching their favourite videos. Normally you can watch the videos without buffering, but when out of the sudden YouTube gets slow the videos are interrupted constantly. Ten seconds of video and then again interrupted, you can see the famous circle, indicating that YouTube is buffering the video.

You will not be the first problem facing this problem. But a slow YouTube is not always caused by the same problem. There are a lot of possible causes which can provoke that the videos are interrupted all the time. For example, a slow YouTube can be caused by a virus, which is slowing down your PC performance, or maybe it’s your network connection that is responsible for slowing down YouTube. But the problem may also be caused by one of the YouTube servers. Maybe the server is overloaded with requests and makes your video download slow.

As I said earlier you are not the first dealing with a slow YouTube, so there are tons of information on how to solve it. Whenever I have a PC or internet problem I like to use the following website: slow internet. A website which contains practical tips to solve problems related to the internet. For example the article YouTube slow explains possible solutions on how to solve a slow YouTube.

Also I recommend some execelent forums: Toms Hardware, and Tech Support Guys. On those forums people are explaining their problems and in no time they get an answer with possible solutions. So if you are dealing with a problem and you cannot solve it by yourself, ask for help in one of these forums.

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